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Easy communication

1-to-1 and group chats

Use instant messaging to reach teams or individual employees. The chat allows you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues in real time.

Ziik groups

Collaborate in groups

Drive projects or communication to engage team members, get their feedback and get them involved. This allows you to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Easy information sharing

Keep all information in one place and share company updates with selected or all employees in a few clicks.

Ziik team meeting

Keeping up with
company updates

An intranet needs to be easy to use and require no training to get started. Ziik is designed so that employees can easily navigate and find the information they need.

Push notifications ensure that you will never miss an update.

Ziik engagement

Ziik is Top-Down and Bottom-Up

You can send messages from HQ and down to the entire organisation in a few clicks. At the same time you can allow employees to comments and like updates to get feedback and increased interaction across all levels.

This makes your intranet come alive.

Ziik integrates easily with your favourite solutions

Ziik integrates easily with the tools and solutions you already use. Connect your favourites directly from our App Directory, set up a quick link, or make your own integration using our API.


Integrate your favorite apps,  work with your teams in online docs and jump directly to your video meetings. It is just one click way.

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Connect your User Directory to Ziik

Connect Ziik to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory to seamlessly authenticate users, grant access to specific information and define roles.

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Find your favourites in our App Directory

Find and easily connect apps from our partners in the App Directory within Workforce Management, E-Learning, Operations and HR.

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Microsoft Power BI runs on Ziik

Start serving your Business Data directly to relevant users and roles in Ziik. Our partner, Biwise, has created an interface between Microsoft Power BI and Ziik.

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Go straight to work in your Google Drive or Office 365

Create Quicklinks for easy access to your online documents and invite collaborators.

zoom icon
Jump directly to your online Meetings

Share your meeting link in activities, groups or chat, or simply create a Quicklink for your online meeting room.

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Build your own integration with our API

Develop your own integrations for an even more customised Ziik experience.

See how you can integrate Ziik
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Book a free demo with one of our Ziik specialists

Our team of Ziik specialists are here to help you get started with your new intranet today!

Book a free demoZiik Specialists
Ziik icon search

AI-Powered Search

Next generation Search function that uses AI technology to enhance relevancy and the user experience. Search across the entire intranet and find any information you need in seconds.

Ziik FAQ
Ziik icon faq


Save answers in our FAQ and share it with the people who need to see it. It can be done on a global or a local level.

Ziik quicklinks
Ziik icon quicklinks

Quick actions with Quicklinks

Use Quicklinks to set-up direct and easy access to your online documents. You can even give access to the links based on role or department.

Ziik Guide cover

Keep your remote workforce happier and more engaged

Did you know that organizational happiness has a direct impact on employee engagement and performance? Download our guide to learn more!

Download E-book

Everything in one place

Keep all your company manuals, documents, activities, blogs, FAQs, data and posts centrally stored and under your control.

Ziik FAQ
Ziik icon faq

Personalised Search Results

Get wiser, faster: Ziik only shows search results that are relevant to you, when you search for work information across the organisation.

Ziik documents
Ziik documents icon

Store all documents

It's easy to create folders, upload and share documents with relevant employees.

Ziik notifications

No Social Media

Ziik keeps your teams and employees connected across devices and locations - without getting their private social media accounts involved during work hours.

With Ziik, employees can share work information, documents and gossip from anywhere – while keeping your company data under your control, and distractions to a minimum. Notifications ensure you never miss a thing!

Ziik manuals

Improved employee
satisfaction and

Informed employees are happy employees. Ziik helps employees perform their jobs faster and with more confidence by making sure that the right information is available when and where they need it.

Peace of mind for the employer

Get your own intranet with your own branding. See statistics about how your employees use the platform. Rest assured that your data is safe.

Ziik branding
Ziik icon branding

Your brand, your app

Set up Ziik to match your company’s visual identity and brand, and customise it to match your tone of voice as well.

Apply your own names and terms on categories and company roles. Complete the makeover by giving the Ziik platform a name that matches your company and excites your employees.

Ziik statistics
Ziik icon statistics


Is everyone on board?

See if everyone is actively using Ziik through easy insights into platform usage and engagement stats for single users or the entire organisation.

Ziik gdpr
Ziik icon gdpr


You can sleep safe and sound knowing that Ziik is designed to be GDPR compliant. All personal data is deleted at the source when an employee leaves the company.

We use the latest technology to keep your company and your data protected.

Packed with features that do it all

The only internal communication platform you’ll ever need.

chat icon

Everyone can share updates and messages with relevant colleagues in groups or one-on-one.

groups icon

Engage teams, make project management simpler and check activities in real-time. Your team stays focused when everyone gets the message at the same time.

activity icon

Keep tabs on everything from upcoming marketing activities, sign-ups for the office summer party or the agenda for the next staff meeting.

statistics icon

Get insights into platform usage and engagement to make sure everyone is making the most of Ziik.

faq icon

Collect the most frequently asked questions in an FAQ, where everyone can find the answers.

documents icon

It's easy to create folders, upload and share documents with relevant employees.

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No credit card required. Cancel your trial at any time.

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