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Company-wide or targeted updates

Company updates without bottlenecks

Reach all your staff with central news such as campaigns, policy changes and menu updates in real- time.

Hierarchy - Intranet for restaurants

Save local managers the time and effort of passing on updates and make sure that important information reaches your restaurant staff in time.


An asset for each level of your company

Empower managers and staff with a communication tool that embraces the younger generation.

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Streamline information sharing by setting up direct communication channels for news, manuals and guides all the way to service and kitchen staff.

All communication tools in one place.

Complete control over data and GDPR compliance by design.

Area Manager

Support your restaurant managers by including them in groups for sharing knowledge, inspiration and feedback.

Access to all communication tools in own area.

Completely replaces all other local communication tools.

Restaurant Manager

Drive engagement with collaborative groups and chats. No more forwarding information - with HQ’s direct channel to your employees, you can focus on operation.

Access to all communication tools in own unit.

No need to use private social media for team communication.

Kitchen & Service Staff

Get updated on news in real time and gain instant access to procedures, recipes and other practical information.

Easy to find work information and guidance when needed.

Easy to collaborate with colleagues in local groups.

“Ziik has really inspired the community feeling among us.”

Jesse Lindsberg
Nordic People Development Consultant, Food Folk

Manuals - Intranet for restaurants

Centralise your operational guidelines

Keep operating procedures, guides, recipes, allergen information and educational material up to date in mobile manuals so that your staff can provide excellent customer experiences as efficiently as possible.

Engagin Social Intranet for restaurants

Build a culture of engagement

Let restaurant managers drive engagement locally by giving them autonomy to manage information and communication channels related to their own unit.

Automatically add staff in relevant group discussions based on their unit and role to let them coordinate and help each other out.

William Engman

"Ziik is the bible in Bastard Burgers when it comes to reading how things work. The first thing new hires are told is to read everything on Ziik!"

William Engman, Bastard Burgers

Scale your franchise - Ziik Social Intranet

Take control of your communication

Reserve social media for private use. Separate work from private life by providing managers and staff with a professional communication platform that becomes an asset to all levels of your business.


Bring everything together in a ready-to use intranet

As a restaurant owner, providing clear guidance on how to run the business is the key to generating optimal results and protecting your brand.

Groups - Intranet for restaurants
Ziik icon groups


Dedicated forums for specific departments, topics such as shift swapping, or projects.

News Feed - Social Intranet Ziik
Ziik icon feed

News Feed

Share instant updates to selected departments and roles.

Ask for read confirmation to pin important information and ensure compliance.

Manuals - Intranet for restaurants
Ziik icon manuals


Gather everything from onboarding material to guidelines, procedures and policies. All available at hand and supported by an AI powered search engine.

Chat - Ziik Social Intranet
Ziik icon messages


Say goodbye to social media and handle all instant communication on a professional platform.

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One secure channel for everything

GDPR friendly intranet software

Keep all your communication and information in one secure place and get rid of social media and other noisy channels - 100% GDPR compliant.

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