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Our recognizable interface makes Ziik easy to use for your staff, regardless of their experience with professional software.

Communication Intranet platform

Relevant notifications keep everyone in the loop

Instant notifications ensure that your staff stays in the loop in realtime. Filter messages by roles or location to ensure only relevant information is sent through.

Ziik Notifications

A True asset for everyone

An asset for each level of your retail business

Instant communication in groups and chat creates engagement from day one. Having access to all work-related information and Visual Merchandising guidelines makes Ziik an asset for managers and store staff alike.

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Streamline information sharing by setting up direct communication channels for news, manuals and guides all the way to your frontline staff.

All communication tools in one place.

Complete control over data and GDPR compliance by design.

Area Manager

Support site managers by including them in groups for sharing knowledge, inspiration and feedback.

Access to all communication tools in own area.

Completely replaces all other local communication tools.

Store Manager

Drive communication and engagement in your own unit while receiving support from HQ and area managers.

Access to all communication tools in own cluster or unit.

No need to use private social media for team communication.


Get updated on news in real time and gain instant access to routines, policies and product information.

No noise. No distractions. What you see is what you need - nothing more!

Easy to collaborate with colleagues in local groups.

Company updates without bottlenecks

Reach all staff with central news such as campaigns, policy changes and product launches in real time.

Intranet for hospitality - Ziik hierarchy

Save local managers the time and effort of passing on updates and make sure that important information reaches the employees in time.

"Ziik is a very dynamic system. You can customize it to your organization’s needs in many ways."

Malin Borén
Nordic HR Manager

Manuals - Intranet for retail

Centralise your operational guidelines

Keep operating procedures, guides, product information and educational material up to date in mobile manuals so that your staff can provide the best customer experience as efficiently as possible.

William Engman

"Ziik is the bible in Bastard Burgers when it comes to reading how things work. The first thing new hires are told is to read everything on Ziik!"

William Engman, Bastard Burgers


Bring everything together in a ready-to use intranet

All you need from an intranet, without a lengthy IT project. Get started today and see the results tomorrow.

Custom branding - 7Eleven
Ziik icon branding

Your brand, your app

Ziik allows you to easily customize the design to match your brand's visual identity and language.

Use your brand colors and logos and apply your own names and terms for categories and company roles. Complete the setup by giving the Ziik platform a name that matches your company and excites your employees.

Ziik icon statistics


Is everyone on board?

See if everyone is actively using Ziik through easy insights into platform usage and engagement stats for single users or the entire organisation.

Groups - Intranet for restaurants
Ziik icon groups


Reduce administrative work and make team collaboration easy by automatically assigning group memberships based on users' roles and units.

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Take control of your data and compliance

GDPR friendly intranet software

Keep all your communication and information in one secure place and get rid of social media and other noisy channels - 100% GDPR compliant.

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