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Reinventing the intranet, Ziik is the all-in-one internal communication and information sharing platform for better employee engagement.

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“When we realized at the time there was no development for Workplace to become both a social platform and an intranet where we could keep handbooks, we began to think about looking for a new solution”

"Ziik has really inspired the community feeling among us"
"The perfect internal communications tool"

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What is the fuss about?

Workplace is shutting down

On May 14th, 2024, Workplace by Meta (formerly Facebook) announced the permanent shutdown of its service in August 2025, leaving thousands of companies facing the “complicated” challenge of finding a new solution for their internal communication.

Ziik - the best alternative

But fear not! If you find yourself in this situation, Ziik is here to support you every step of the way.

Why act now?

1. Workplace is done!

That means no updates, no new releases and no incentive for supporting clients.

2. Migration can take time

Make sure you are fully up and running in Ziik before the deadline.

3. Stop pouring data into a black hole

You'll ultimately need to retrieve everything once it permanently shuts down.

Amnesty program

Get started with Ziik

Free assistance

We help you migrate your company from Workplace to Ziik.

2-month license for free

We give you a free 2-month Ziik license while you get started.

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Bound by a long contract?

No problem, we will compensate until you are free.

No strings attached

Psst. Ziik has no binding - just 1 month notice

"I would definitely recommend Ziik to other franchise organizations – as long as they don’t compete with us!"

Jesse Lindsberg
Consultant, Food Folk
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"We simply needed a more efficient and convenient way of communicating. We are a convenience chain after all!"

Tina Kjelgaard
HR Business Partner
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"You know how people say, ‘Google it’? In our office we say ‘Ziik it.’"

Ali Gharaee
Business Development Agent
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Why Ziik

3 reasons to choose Ziik

We're thrilled to see clients transitioning from Workplace to Ziik, with new additions joining our platform daily.

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For companies in any size

For small business to enterprise customers - Ziik works for teams starting from 10 users.

Are you a company with 10-200 employees?
Read more about Ziik for SMEs.

Do you operate a franchise chain?
Discover Ziik for Franchise.

Do you have 200+ employees?
Here's Ziik for Enterprise.

No strings attached

Get access to all Ziik features as well as unlimited support.

Includes all Ziik features.
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Unlimited onboarding, training and support with a dedicated Ziik specialist.

No binding periods - just 1 month notice.

Future-proof solution

With Ziik, all future updates are included.

5 product updates in past 4 months.

Roadmap crafted hand-in-hand with our clients.

Seemless integrations with other services.

“When we realized at the time there was no development for Workplace to become both a social platform and an intranet where we could keep handbooks, we began to think about looking for a new solution”

Maria Sjöroos
CIO & CDO, CPO, R-Kioski


How Ziik Compares to Workplace?

News Feed
Important Posts
Knowledge Library
Live Video
Video Chat
Auto Translate
Personal Support
Local Support Language
Unlimited Onboarding
Engage your employees with a social intranet software

Imagine an intranet that is actually being used

With Ziik you will get increased employee engagement - in fact, usage more than doubles over the first 12 months!

William Engman

"Ziik is the bible in Bastard Burgers when it comes to reading how things work. The first thing new hires are told is to read everything on Ziik!"

William Engman, Bastard Burgers


With Ziik all you need is in one place, not all over the place

Reach your employees

Our app's sleek and intuitive design sets Ziik apart and drives usage wherever your users are.

Engaging Social Intranet Software

All the features you need

And some you do not know you need - all packed in your own company intranet.

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