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What's included?

Icon chat


No more social media at work. A modern chat for messaging with colleagues in groups or one-on-one.

Groups icon


Reduce administrative work and make team collaboration easy by automatically assigning group memberships based on users' roles and units.

Icon newsposts


Make company-wide announcements, share news with selected teams or individuals, and track engagement.

Calendar icon


Keep tabs on everything from upcoming marketing activities, sign-ups for the office summer party or the agenda for the next staff meeting.

manuals icon


Keep employee manuals and guidelines centrally stored, ensuring easy updates and seamless sharing.

Icon documents


Use a permission-based folder structure to upload and share files securely with relevant users.

Icon translations
Automatic Translation and Read out Loud

Let users get all posts translated to their desired language, and read out loud on their mobile device.

FAQ icon

Promote effective knowledge sharing by providing access to a centralized FAQ for quickly finding answers to common questions.

Icon contacts

Instant access to contact details of co-workers and suppliers.

Statistics icon

Gain valuable insights into platform usage and engagement to ensure optimal utilization of Ziik.

Icon advanced user access
Advanced user access

Gain full control over user permissions, determining who can access specific features and information.

Personal branding icon
Easy customisation

Customise your Ziik setup to match your overall brand experience, from logo and images to tone of voice.

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“We wanted to give our employees a greater sense of belonging, to boost engagement and retention.”

Tina Kjelgaard
HR Business Partner


Frequently asked questions

Do we pay for more people?
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Yes. You pay a flat rate of 6 EUR per user per month. We automatically tally your users at the end of every month and adjust your invoice accordingly.

Is there a minimum number of users?
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Yes. The minimum number of users an account can have is 10.

How can I pay?
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We accept most major credit cards. Everything from American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa works as a treat. Manage your billing directly from the admin tab of your ziik.io account to select your preferred billing option.

Are there any add-on fees or hidden surprises?
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No, there are no hidden extras in Ziik. And no bindings. You only pay extra for extra storage if you use more than the limit of your plan. If you use two-factor authentication, an SMS costs 0,03 € pr. unit. Google Authenticator is free to use.

Is Ziik GDPR compliant?
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Yes, Ziik is GDPR compliant by design. For more information, please contact us.

Can we cancel at any time?
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Yes. There is no minimum contract period for Ziik. You can cancel at any time.

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Ziik adds value from day one

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Read all case stories
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Our employees love it

After testing 20 different platforms it was clear that Ziik was the only one capable of supporting our complex organisation.

Ali Gharaee
Ali Gharaee
Development consultant, Subway

We have a great tool!

Ziik absolutely makes communication, collaboration and sharing of documents easier – especially when, as is often the case in our industry, the company isn't centralised in one location.

Christian Cordsen
Christian Cordsen
IT- and Marketing Manager,
Vesti Olsen & Hansen A/S

Great team!

The app has been immensely valuable to our employees. My guess is that 99% actively use the app, while those of us who often publish and update manuals are very happy that there is also a desktop version.

William Engman
William Engman
COO, Bastard Burgers