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One intranet for your entire franchise ecosystem

Keep control over your franchise concept and give your franchisees a local communication platform.

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Central franchise management

Keep everyting in one platform

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No training needed

Unlimited support included

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No startup costs

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The intranet built for communication in a franchise organisation

Keep all your franchise manuals, documents, FAQs, etc. centrally stored and under your control. Keep control over your franchise concept and brand, and give your franchisees their own local communication and information sharing platforms.

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Driving your franchise culture

Use the social tools in Ziik to engage your franchise organisation when you make updates and create online groups to  collaborate in groups across your franchise organisation or locally.

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Scaling your franchise

Ziik is built for scaling with your franchise. Simply add units, areas or countries as your franchise system expands.

Ziik is customised for all levels

There are different communication needs at each level and in every line of business. Ziik covers them all.

“Ziik is performing even better than expected. It helps create enthusiasm for the things we do.”

Ali Gharaee,
Business Development Agent/Operations

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Manage your franchise concept with Ziik

As a franchise owner, providing clear guidance on how to run the business is the key to generating optimal results and protecting your brand.

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Your brand, your app

Set up Ziik to match your company’s visual identity and brand, and customise it to match your tone of voice as well.

Apply your own names and terms on categories and company roles. Complete the makeover by giving the Ziik platform a name that matches your company and excites your employees.

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Is everyone on board?

See if everyone is actively using Ziik through easy insights into platform usage and engagement stats for single users or the entire organisation.

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Franchise Manuals

Keeping your franchise manuals up to date and easily accessible keeps the entire organisation moving faster.

On top of this you can easily share centrally stored documents.

Ziik has tools for every task

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News feed

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Integrate Ziik with your favourite software solutions

Ziik is built for seamless integration with other software solutions. Let's take a look at your current set-up together, and we'll help you find the best solution.

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Take control of your data and compliance

Keeping everything in one single franchise communication and information sharing platform gives you full control of your data and GDPR compliance. You control permissions and decide who gets access to what. Former employees and franchisees can be forgotten with one click.

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