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The strength of a network relies on the value it provides its members.

Access anywhere - Social intranet - Ziik

Access from anywhere, anytime

Ziik is available on desktop and as your own app - for a truly connected network.

Intranet for Business Networks

Facilitate connections and drive engagement by uniting your members in a mobile platform that is easy both to administer and to use.


An asset for each level of your professional network

Unlock the potential of your network by easily reaching your members with just a few clicks. Segmenting your network into relevant groups based on geography, interests, or line of business has never been simpler.

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One platform to run and engage the entire network. All features take the diversity of any network into account.

All communication tools in one place.

Complete control over data and GDPR compliance by design.


Get updated on events, offers, new members and more in a live feed.

Enrich your personal profile with experience, skills, LinkedIn profile and more.

Engage with your peers in relevant group discussions or reach out to individuals in the built in chat.

Plug & Play

Bring everything together in a ready-to use intranet

All you need from an intranet, without a lengthy IT project. Get started today and see the results tomorrow.

Custom branding - 1Community
Ziik icon branding

Your brand, your app

Ziik allows you to easily customize the design to match your networks' visual identity and language.

Use your colors and logos and apply your own names and terms for categories and roles. Complete the setup by giving the platform a name that matches your network.

Ziik icon statistics


Is everyone on board?

Check if everyone is on board with Ziik. You can easily see if engagement is increasing or decreasing. On a user level, in each unit or in the entire network.

Manuals for business networks
Ziik icon manuals


With Ziik, you can share manuals, procedures, offers, member profiles, policies and much more in a searchable format, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the network.

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Notifications - Ziik

Increase relevance with easy filtering

Assign members attributes such as industry, skills, geographic location, or membership type.

Use the filters to easily target content and to automatically place members in relevant group forums that promote new connections and facilitate knowledge sharing.

News feed - Ziik

Plan ahead together

Schedule events in a shared calendar and track participation.

William Engman

"Ziik is the bible in Bastard Burgers when it comes to reading how things work. The first thing new hires are told is to read everything on Ziik!"

William Engman, Bastard Burgers

Employee profiles - Ziik the Social Intranet

Personal profile and portraits

Let users enrich their personal profiles with experience, skills and competencies. Share more in depth member portraits in text or video through network wide announcements.


Take control of your data and compliance

GDPR friendly intranet software

Keep all your communication and information in one secure place and get rid of social media and other noisy channels - 100% GDPR compliant.

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