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Göteborg, Sweden

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About the company

"Taxi Göteborg is the largest taxi company in Western Sweden, with approximately 300 vehicles, 650+ drivers and 35 back office staff. Based in Göteborg, the taxi company delivers 3000 transports a day. They pride themselves on delivering the best service, having the best availability and taking responsibility for their passengers. To succeed in this, all Taxi Göteborg drivers have to attend the company’s own drivers’ school in addition to what’s required by the authorities. In a recent survey among Swedish travellers, Taxi Göteborg took second place in categories such as ‘Most Comfortable Travel’ and ‘Best Service by Drivers.’

Challenges before Ziik

“We used to have several different solutions in place instead of one unified intranet. We had one for office staff, one for drivers, and I’m pretty sure some of the owners had their own systems for their cars and drivers. The drivers could only use the system while they were in their car. On top of that, the old system was very time-consuming, because we had to install so many updates.”

Requirements for a new solution

“We needed a shared system that everyone in the company could use, and one that could offer our drivers a secure entry to the system they could have in their pocket. Basically, we wanted something that would make life easier and strengthen the cooperation between our drivers and our office staff. And Ziik was the solution.”

Ziik Makes The Ride Smoother For Taxi Göteborg


  • No central intranet

  • Need to improve internal dialogue

  • Need for a system that could go on the road

Favourite features

  • Newsfeed

  • Handbooks

  • Groups


Drivers handbook

“Ziik is the primary hub for information for our drivers. Everything they need to know about driving for Taxi Göteborg is in Ziik. To maintain our high quality and customer satisfaction, we run our own drivers’ school, and Ziik is part of the curriculum.”

Better communication - better team spirit

“Ziik isn’t just about information, it’s also about communication and dialogue between us. We use it to strengthen employee engagement and to create a better connection between the different units. Just sharing positive news has a great effect. If a customer has left a good review, we share it. ‘Good job, car 399!’ Ziik has given us a channel for that."

Easy onboarding

“It’s great that Ziik resembles a lot of the social media channels we are used to using every day. That makes it really easy for new employees to learn how to use Ziik.”

Push notifications

“Because Ziik is an app, we are able to use push notifications, so that we know everyone has received and seen important information. That was especially nice with all the COVID information we had to share.”

Ziik listens

“Using Ziik as an administrator has given me lots of great ideas for improvements and useful new features. I send them all to the Ziik product team. I can see some of them have been taken up. Actually, I’ve been invited to a meeting with the product team to share all my ideas."

“We wanted something that would make life easier and strengthen the cooperation between our drivers and our office staff. And Ziik was the solution."
Mattias Grahn

Mattias Grahn

Communication Consultant

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