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About the company

Tugg Burgers opened their first restaurant in Borås in 2014. Since then, they have added a new restaurant every year, and today you can tug into a Tugg Burger at seven locations from Malmö to Uppsala. Tugg Burgers offers a full restaurant experience, complete with table service, desserts, and a drinks card that can turn most meals into a party. In 2020, Tugg Burgers acquired Flippin’ Burgers, the pioneers of the Swedish premium burger scene and gained a foothold in Stockholm. We spoke to VD Viggo Broström about their experiences with Ziik.

Challenges before Ziik

“We previously used Facebook groups to communicate to staff and e-mails to managers. But it quickly turned quite unsustainable keeping track of who was on the platform, and  people were complaining about missing out on important information, or their notifications got lost in the noise on Facebook,” recalls Viggo Broström. “We also tried using Google Docs for sharing documents for a while. But in the end, people just got confused about where to look for information, and we were also getting worried about issues with compliance. So it was clear we needed a better solution.”

Requirements for a new solution

“We looked at different platforms for internal communication. Our key requirement was that it should be really easy to use. And to cut a long story short, Ziik won on communication. It’s a popular saying in business these days, that you should be really good at one thing. Well, Ziik is really good at communication, and that decided it for us.”

Tugg Burgers Gets Everyone On The Same Page With Ziik


  • No dedicated internal platform

  • Too much noise and uncertainty on social media

  • Need for a safe and reliable way of sharing information

Favourite features

  • Videos

  • Handbooks

  • Documents


Everything in one place

“Right now, I would say the big difference is that we now have all documentation and policies stored in one place. We keep everything from the personnel handbook to recipes and information on new products in the Documents section along with our restaurant manuals. It has made it very clear to staff where to look for information.”

Easy to use

“The reception from staff has been really positive. They like that we can keep private and work life separated with Ziik. They also find that Ziik is really easy to use because it is very similar to other social media platforms. Our staff is generally quite young, so they’ve grown up with social media and intuitively know how to navigate the channels.”


“We’ve started using videos quite a bit. We use them to show how things should be prepared and cooked and presented, so our customers always get the same experience in all our restaurants.”

Tips and tricks

“Another positive surprise has been our Tips and Tricks group, where people show how different things are done. I was afraid no one would use it, but people do. Just today,  someone posted a tip on how to remove the pits from dates. We use dates in our new Sticky Toffee Pudding, so that is a very helpful tip.”

Implementation and onboarding

“The onboarding process with Ziik was really good. The Ziik team was very helpful, they hosted a couple of online training sessions and were quick to reply when we had questions. They also helped with implementing and converting all manuals.”

"Ziik is one of the things we should have done a lot earlier!"
Viggo Broström

Viggo Broström


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