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About the company

Skive Køletransport is a refrigerated/frozen goods transport company headquartered in Hobro, Denmark. They have a small office and a refrigerated cold storage facility in Horsens as well, but their main activity is on the roads all over Denmark. In all, they have some 200 trucks on the road at all times.

Challenges before Ziik

We needed a way to help us get information out to all our employees across our different locations, and for our employees to communicate and ask questions. We also wanted to make it easier for our employees to search for and find information like new policies, onboarding processes and so on. Before getting Ziik, Skive Køletransport couldn’t message all drivers at once. Instead, they had to send out messages through their booking system.

As their drivers and trucks were spread across Denmark, it was also hard to keep all drivers updated on changes in procedures for unloading cargo at their customers, changes to routes and other essential information.


  • No intranet

  • No platform for sharing important messages

  • No platform for sharing important information

Favourite features

  • Quicklinks

  • Groups

  • Handbooks

Requirements for a new solution

Skive Køletransport went looking for an intranet solution with a strong mobile application that would enable them to get messages out to drivers and other employees instantly. Keeping critical instructions and information from customers and business partners constantly updated and available for drivers was also crucial. Using public social media platforms was out of the question due to concerns over data ownership.


Everyone on board

Today, every employee in Skive Køletransport is an active Ziik member. Maria Drejer, an HR consultant with the company, explains: “Everyone uses Ziik actively now, across the organisation. We had a few older colleagues who were skeptical about using apps in general, but once we helped them get started, they’ve been very happy users, too.”

Customer procedures

We’ve created a folder for each of our customers under our Contacts section. Here, drivers can find out everything they need to know when making a delivery. Which bay to unload at, passcodes or specific routes to take. Our drivers are often assigned to different customers, so it’s a very valuable tool for them to prepare the day’s work.

Ahead of traffic

Our drivers also use the group messaging option to warn each other about heavy traffic, roadworks and so on. That way, their colleagues can plan ahead, reroute and save time.

Great onboarding tool

I find Ziik is a very useful tool for onboarding new employees. On Ziik, they can find anything from handbooks and manuals to customer procedures and useful contacts like shop stewards and the occupational health and safety representative. I also encourage all our employees to add a photo to their user profile. In this industry, you could have a colleague for twenty years and only meet him on the phone. It’s nice to be able to put a face to the name.

You can find a lot more than you think on Ziik

Maria Drejer


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