Family values: Ziik helps the Fleggaard Group stay connected
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About the company

The Fleggaard Group is one Denmark's largest family-owned groups with an annual turnover of around €845 million. The group is probably best known for its 'Fleggaard' and 'Calle' chains of retail markets on the border between Denmark and Germany. But the Fleggaard Group is active across a wide range of industries, with a focus on retail, wholesale and auto leasing.

In addition to these, the group also has activities in the hospitality industry. The group has around 1600+ employees divided among 10 companies worldwide. Here, Patrick Dorch Julius - HR & Communications, explains how Ziik helps the Fleggaard Group keep everyone on the same page.

Challenges before Ziik

“The biggest challenge in our internal communication was getting important news and messages to everyone, as we are a widely diversified group,” explains Patrick Dorch Julius. “It was at times difficult to reach the colleagues farthest away – for example, substitute workers in the stores. So it was the retail network of our business that had the greatest need.”

“The rest of the group was actually quite well connected with computers, emails etc. But in retail, the communication chain usually went from headquarters to store manager to department manager and then on to the employees,” remembers Patrick Dorch Julius. “With so many people working different shifts, it could take several days before everyone had been to work and received the message. And by then, important news or information could already be outdated.”

Family values: Ziik helps the Fleggaard Group stay connected


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Requirements for a new solution

“Our core need and key requirement was communication. We needed a solution that would enable us to reach every single employee, whether at work or at home, and to alert them to important news. In addition, it had to be a mobile solution.”

"Ziik gives us increased reach and shorter response time. We get lightning-fast feedback on our content."

“We created a requirements specification and contacted various developers – including Ziik. We looked at five solutions, four Danish and one German. We had an acknowledged communication need – but it grew from there with each presentation we saw. Suddenly, e-learning also became a factor to consider, and so on.”

“But in the end, communication was still our core need, and Ziik had the best and the sleekest solution for us. Ziik is all about communication. They are excellent at what they do, which is communication - and not a bunch of other stuff.”

"It was also important that Ziik understood our business model. We are a widely diversified company. Ziik understood this better than anyone else.”


“We launched Ziik in the Fleggaard Group in February of 2021.”

“There's full integration from our HR system to Ziik. As soon as a new employee joins the company, they automatically get a Ziik profile when they're registered in our HR system. The profile has all the right information - company name, employee function, department etc., so the employee gets assigned to the right groups with the right user profile and messaging options.”

“Ziik is also integrated as part of the home screen on all our computers in the offices. The home screen is set up as a combination of our HR system and Ziik. The users thinks it’s great. They don’t even notice being on two platforms at the same time. They just have the functionality they need to do their jobs.”

"Ziik is an excellent external service provider and I highly recommend them!"

“Ziik offers good opportunities for integration to things like e-learning platforms and more. And we use quicklinks for digital personnel cards and other systems, like our scheduling software, Tamigo. The smooth integrations offer a seamless journey where users can easily switch between the different solutions. This flexibility is very important to us.”

Patrick Dorch Julius
"We are a widely diversified company. Ziik has understood this better than anyone else."

Patrick Dorch Julius

HR & Communications

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