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About the company

Björn Axén is an award-winning Swedish hair care company and purveyors to the royal Swedish court. They run eight premium salons in Stockholm and Gothenburg, as well as developing and manufacturing a line of luxury hair care products sold through high street retailers like Matas and H&M across the Nordics and Baltics. Björn Axén employs around 125 hairdressers, with 25 employees working in marketing and administration. Their Ziik solution went live in february 2020.

Challenges before Ziik

We needed a way to help us get information out to all our employees across our different locations, and for our employees to communicate and ask questions. We also wanted to make it easier for our employees to search for and find information like new policies, onboarding processes and so on.

Requirements for a new solution

"We had tried to use things like Facebook groups, but we had some worries about what happens when you share company manuals and policies through a commercial social media platform – does the data still belong to you or to them? Also, some employees didn’t want to use Facebook and didn’t want to create an account. So, one of our requirements was that we needed a neutral platform where we had full control over our data. And we wanted to be able to brand the platform as distinctly Bjørn Axén, so that our employees would feel comfortable using it."

In a hair rising situation, Ziik saved the day for Björn Axén


  • Lack of two-way communication

  • Hard to get information to all employees

  • Need to share tips and inspiration

Favourite features

  • Messages

  • Chat

  • Image sharing


Smooth onboarding

The onboarding process was very smooth. We had fantastic support from Ziik, who helped and guided us and have become a true partner to us. We’ve branded our Ziik solution with our pictures so that employees meet the world of Bjørn Axén the way we want it to look.

Easy to get started

Hairdressers don’t sit at computers all day, they use their phones when they have a minute.
So it’s important that Ziik is a very self-explanatory system that you can use intuitively, without taking courses first. It’s also easy to add and remove users, to start and delete accounts, which is important when you have people who start or stop working for us all the time.

Confidence builder

Internally, it gives confidence knowing we have a place, where we can always find all the information we need at work. And where we can always get in touch with a colleague. The COVID-19 situation especially tested us and the system. Ziik proved to be absolutely crucial to running our business, as we could use it to send out all the new corona policies and guidelines for hairdressing salons that came every day, and keep everyone in the loop.

Internal communication booster

In some companies, management has to drive internal communication. But in Björn Axén, it flows freely on Ziik. Our employees use Ziik to share tips, trends and inspiration, which is very important for us as hairdressers. Ziik is simply their platform to communicate with each other. For a company like us, with many different workplaces all over, it’s perfect.

"We use Ziik to share tips, trends and inspiration, which is crucial to us as hairdressers."
Daniel Karlsson

Daniel Karlsson


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