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About the company

Swedish real estate company Brinova owns and oversees maintenance of an impressive portfolio of rental properties all over the Southern region of Sweden. The portfolio consists of both housing, commercial leases, and public community properties.

Challenges before Ziik

Brinova didn’t have a shared connection point, there were no dedicated communication channels. That makes it tough to communicate between six locations. And it’s crucial to keep a connection when you’re working all over the place. Brinova needed something more than e-mail to keep in touch. You don’t want to send 50 e-mails every time you have something important to share!

Requirements for a new solution

Brinova needed a solution that wouldn’t be seen as just another app or system by employees. As their employees are often on site at one of their many rental properties, it was also crucial that the system was mobile phone-based and could offer instant access to a wide range of important documents and information.

Hundreds of properties, six offices, one place for information and communication


  • No intranet

  • Lack of central communication channel

  • Need for document sharing

Favourite features

  • Handbooks

  • Statistics

  • Groups


Quick access to critical information

“We operate more than 100 properties across Southern Sweden. That means we have a big responsibility in case of a crisis to know who to call and what to do. What to do in case of a leak or a fire. You don’t have your computer with you – but you have your phone! That is the biggest thing for us – access to important documents wherever you are.”

Fun and games

“Because of the coronavirus, we couldn’t all meet up for our summer office party like we always do, so we had to do it on Ziik and Teams instead. We even had a photo contest, and I pulled up Ziik on my desktop to present all the entries and pick a winner.”

Social sharing

“We’ve set up a side group for social sharing, things like holiday stories, photos, jokes etc. You know, all the important things you miss when you can’t see each other at work every day, whether it’s because you’re on the road or working from home”.


“It was a nice surprise that we could also store our external contacts in Ziik. We have put all contact information for outsourced services like IT, insurance, etc. into Ziik now. Our digital switchboard doesn’t store external contacts, but Ziik does.”

Easy to use

“Our employees are really happy about using Ziik. Sometimes the older generation needs a helping hand, because they’re not used to social media like we are. But we never have any problems with new employees. Even though they’ve never used Ziik before, it’s never an issue.”

"Ziik is great for all the important things you miss when you can’t see each other."
Ellen Broomé

Ellen Broomé

HR Manager

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