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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Exclusive watches & jewellery

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About the company

Danish watchmaker and jeweller, Ole Mathiesen, is specialized in the production and distribution of Swiss watches and is the exclusive representative in Denmark for the finest European watch brands. The organization’s flagship store and administration can be found in Østergade, one of Copenhagen’s most exclusive addresses, and they are about to open a new store in Copenhagen Airport.

Challenges before Ziik

“Our main challenge was really information. On one hand, our staff often felt they weren’t receiving enough information. On the other hand, we did have an old-fashioned intranet, and our CEO regularly sent out e-mail newsletters. But still, I kept having to answer the same questions again and again, and it would often be about things that had just been covered in the newsletter. We clearly needed a better way to share information, news and updates.”

Requirements for a new solution

“It was clear to me that we needed a new way of messaging and of sharing information with each other. It was also clear that the solution had to be mobile-phone-based. So I asked our IT partner about such a system, and they gave us three links to look at. Ziik quickly stood out because it looked easy to use, and because it’s Danish. I figured that meant it would be easy to get help and support. Luckily, our first impressions turned out to be true.”

Ziik Is a Timesaver for Danish Watchmaker Ole Mathiesen


  • No mobile intranet

  • Lack of a central communication channel

  • Need for information sharing

Favourite features

  • Handbooks

  • FAQ

  • Groups


Easy set up process

“Setting up Ziik was easy, and we got all the support we needed, right down to individual troubleshooting for some of our employees who needed help installing Ziik on their phones.”

Great support

“We’re not a big company, and I know that the number of Ziik users we have is small compared to other Ziik customers. But we have always been treated very professionally by Ziik. I have never felt that we weren’t a priority when we’ve needed help with something, despite our size.”

Spreading the word

“Read receipts and push notifications are really great. It’s great to be able to make sure that everyone sees and reads important news. It has been especially important during the COVID pandemic with all the changing rules and regulations.”

Talking to the right people

“Groups are a great way of making sure the right information goes to the right recipients and not to anyone else. We also have groups intended solely for our employees to be able to chat without management looking over their shoulders.”

Relevant information without distractions

“With Ziik, you only get the information you need. Nothing more, nothing less. The agenda for a Sales Team meeting isn’t very useful for the someone in Finance. If you feel you get spammed with irrelevant info all the time, the risk is that you start ignoring messages. With Ziik, you always know it’s relevant when you get a message.”

Easy to use

“Ziik is intuitive and really easy to use. We’ve hardly had any problems with people not knowing how to use the system.”

“With Ziik, you always know it’s relevant when you get a message.”
Eva Juhl

Eva Juhl

Head of Finance & Administration

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