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About the company

Hawaii Poké is a Swedish restaurant chain serving up a wide range of tasty takes on the traditional Hawaiian poké bowl. Their first store opened in June 2016, and the company is rapidly expanding. As of summer 2021 there are 22 Hawaii Poké stores across Sweden with plans for many more – and ambitions of venturing abroad.

Challenges before Ziik

“To a company like ours, internal communication and information sharing is crucial. Before Ziik, we relied heavily on e-mail, but only store managers had Poké-e-mail addresses,” explains Alicia Matos. “We would send e-mails to the store managers and they were to pass it on to their staff, or Surfers, as we call them. The problem was, ​​we weren’t sure when and how many people saw the e-mails, or even if they saw them.”

Requirements for a new solution

“We needed a system that would enable us to communicate directly with each employee, and that would allow us to store, share and update important documents like our manuals and recipes centrally. One of our investors had come across Ziik in another company, so it became the first we trialled – and the last! We were just happy with Ziik from the get-go. Everyone has taken to it really well. It’s easy and intuitive to use. Our Surfers call it the ‘Facebook of Hawaii Poké’.”

Bowled over by Ziik


  • No intranet

  • Lack of reliable communication channels

  • Need for document sharing

Favourite features

  • Read confirmation

  • Documents

  • Groups


Everyone gets the message at Hawaii Poké

“When you’re running a busy and rapidly growing chain of poké bowl restaurants, you need everyone to be on the same page. Using Ziik as our key communication tool, we can make sure everyone gets the message – and reads it – thanks to read receipts and read confirmation.”


“Ziik is a great onboarding tool. We send all new staff an e-mail with a link to Ziik and their log-in information. Once they log in, they immediately have access to their employment information, handbooks, and training documents, right at their fingertips – and they’re also connected to their managers and colleagues.”

Information hub

“Employee access to correct and updated information is crucial to running our business, and the Documents section is the easiest way to manage information. It makes our lives a lot simpler and our Surfers feel more secure knowing that everything they need is in Ziik.

Engagement booster

“The fact that you can simply shoot a quick explainer video on your phone and share it to a group has made Ziik very popular with managers. They’ve become very engaged in sharing content with their store groups. Whether it’s explaining how to change the menu or find your way to the trash room, they can shoot and share a video in minutes – and the surfers can watch them on their phones.” 

Smooth set-up process

“Getting started with Ziik has been a very smooth process. Once we decided this was the solution for us, we had two sessions with Tania from Ziik and our project group to get going. That’s really all it took. She was key in showing us how to do it. She’s still our go-to person, and she answers quickly if we e-mail her with questions.”


“Ziik is very intuitive. None of our surfers or managers have required any training to start using Ziik. We send all new employees a welcome e-mail pointing out the most important areas, like where to find hand-books and so on. So far, no-one has had any questions about how to use Ziik.”

"Our Surfers never have to call their managers with questions. All questions are answered in Ziik!"
Alicia Matos

Alicia Matos

Establishment Manager

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