Mandatory whistleblower system implementation for European companies is almost here. Learn how it can benefit your company & choose the right software.

Are you part of a company with more than 50 employees? 

Then this article is a must read for you!

The last stage of the implementation of a mandatory whistleblower system for companies across Europe is upon us. In this article we look beyond the lawful requirements and provide you with 2 benefits on how a whistleblower policy provides immense value for yourself and your colleagues, and what to focus on when choosing a software. We will also showcase how easy it is to implement it into your social intranet, in which all your colleagues can access it.

Deadline: 17 December 2023

Who: Any company with +50 employees

Mandatory, but with huge benefits 📈

1. Compliance, well-being and an extra voice for employees

Employee engagement, culture and safety are all topics that have been burning hot the last couple of years. The whistleblower system does not only protect employees by providing a tool for anonymous feedback for harassment, it also allows for feedback to flow all the way up to top management. In other words, an extra voice for the employees to have an impact on their employer.

2. Insurance policy for companies

As an employee, anonymity can still be scary as perhaps only a handful witnessed an event. Employees do not have to worry as the EU Directive provides protection against retaliation, which is why it is so amazing! By letting your employees know that there is a retaliation policy in place via the directive, you as a company have a chance to stop any unspoken problems to grow from an early stage. In popular terms, the whistleblower scheme can be compared to an insurance policy. It's really good to have when you need it.

Which system to choose? 🤔

There are multiple providers out there and there are always many factors to have in mind. When we choose our partner, one key component was crucial for us, user friendliness.

Whistlesystem fit our main requirement to the box, as their implementation can be done within 20 minutes and they focus on mobile friendliness for the end user. Alongside their smart and easy system, we also made it available via Ziik’s handbooks so that the end user has an even simpler journey. Currently, we share over 100 customers, adding new to our joint portfolio each month. 

Mark, the CEO and our beloved partner had the following to say when choosing Ziik as their partner: 

“It was important for us that we confidently could show our customers the most user-friendly path to our system through an intranet. We quickly found that Ziik is really striving to create the best user experience with excellent user friendliness and ensuring good long-lasting relationships with their customers – and have been vastly reassured after hearing the feedback from our many happy customers using (and loving) Ziik.”

In doubt about how easy it is to implement? ⌨️👌

Together with Whistlesystem we held a short webinar on how to implement the whistleblower system in your intranet to showcase how easy it is to get started before the deadline, check it out below:  

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