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Preconfigured apps for Ziik

Learningbank logo


Learningbank combines learning management, onboarding, e-learning and skill management in a user-friendly cloud based Learning Management System (LMS).
Whistlesystem logo


WhistleSystem is a plug and play whistleblower solution that enables organizations to comply with the whistleblower legislation – and get a secure and user-friendly channel for internal whistleblowing.
Workfeed logo


At Ziik we value user-friendliness and plug-n-play. From scheduling to time tracking - Workfeed has you covered. With the Workfeed integration, all personnel are automatically synchronised from the shift plan system.
tamigo logo


Tamigo is a cloud-based workforce management solution that combines scheduling, absence management, performance, HR, finance and forecasting in one solution.
Caspeco logo


Caspeco is a supplier of systems within the restaurant, hotel and experience industry. With the industry's widest range of systems, Caspeco 360, Caspeco delivers systems in Booking, Cashiering, Personnel and Analysis.
power bi logo

BIWise Power Integrator

BIWise Power Integrator for Ziik integrates Microsoft Power BI with Ziik, so you can automatically and easily send out your key figures and reports. You just need to choose the right recipient groups in your organization and at what time it should be sent.
azure logo

Azure Active Directory

Synchronises users from your Microsoft Azure Active Directory with Ziik, keeping user management in one place.
azure logo

Azure Single Sign-On

Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO) authenticates users against your Microsoft Azure Active Directory, keeping user management in one place.
onelogin logo


Onelogin is a unified access management system platform for enterprise-level organizations. The integration with ensures that you only need one place to manage your users and passwords
ordrestyring logo


Ordrestyring helps craftsmen register their hourly work while providing an overview of all their orders as well as the overall financial status of their customers.
Sociuu logo


The Sociuu Employee Advocacy platform integration allows all Ziik customers to engage their employees in the company's Employer branding as well as their communication and marketing activities.
saml logo


Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard single sign-on for exchanging authentication and authorization data between businesses or more specifically identity providers and service providers.