Slack, the workspace software most popular among tech companies, offers many features that are indispensable for daily work life...

Ziik is an intranet software that offers similar advantages while being more affordable and customizable to the specific needs of your company. Both platforms have their pros and cons, which we will compare in the following article in order to help you decide which one is better for your team's needs.

Slack vs. Ziik

Communication: Slack allows for quick and easy communication within teams via chat rooms and direct messaging. However, Ziik also offers the possibility to create discussion forums on specific topics, where team members can post articles, polls, or start a discussion. This way, your employees can also stay up to date on topics they are not directly working on.

File sharing: Both platforms allow for easy file sharing within teams. However, Ziik offers the possibility to create custom libraries for different file types, which makes it easier to find what you are looking for. 

Integrations: Both platforms offer a wide range of integrations with other software solutions. In addition, Ziik offers an open REST API, making it possible to integrate it towards any other solution, customising the software to your specific needs.

Customisation: Slack offers limited customisation options, while Ziik offers a wide range of options like personalised branding, so that you can tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Pricing: Slack

Slack offers a free version with limited features as well as three paid versions with more features. Their plan's range from 6.75€ to 11.75€ per user, per month.

Pricing: Ziik

Ziik offers a free trial as well as a monthly and annual plan. For a flat rate of €5 per user, it is more affordable than Slack's paid versions and packs a bunch of extra features on top.

Alternative to Slack

Both platforms help to improve internal communication which is essential in every organisation from small businesses to enterprises. Ziik can definitely be considered an attractive alternative to Slack, and even offers additional features at a more affordable price.

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