A good staff management system helps make your costs profitable. In other words, your staffing expenses should generate profit. And how is this best achieved?

A good staff management system helps make your costs profitable. In other words, your staffing expenses should generate profit. And how is this best achieved? There are many possibilities, but the most important thing is to find a staff management system that is tailored to your industry.

At Caspeco, we are experts in the restaurant industry, which differs from many others industries. A good example is scheduling, with constantly changing needs and irregular working hours. This is one of many factors that need to be considered in a good staff management system. At Caspeco, we have been assisting restaurateurs for almost two decades, and here are some insights that make a good staff management system into a great staff management system.

The path to profitable staff management

The process of achieving profitability starts with scheduling. Which chefs should cook, who should serve, and who is best suited to open? To create the best conditions for increased profitability, there are several tools that should be included in your restaurant's staff management system.

Here are some tools that directly save time and costs:

  • Free payroll support
  • Paying out salaries without expensive consultant fees
  • A system that is constantly evolving
  • Calculation periods
  • Deployment of schedules

Here are some tools that increase profitability:

  • Staffing level
  • Costs in the schedule
  • Real-time analysis
  • Outcomes
  • Insights

These tools significantly facilitate administrative work. Consider the ability to determine the staffing level directly in the schedule. This feature allows you to see how the schedule aligns with expected sales, ensuring that you have the most staff when sales are at their peak. With our forecast, you can also calculate the payroll percentage directly while scheduling.
For those involved in results tracking, we offer analysis tools that provide insights into why things are going well or poor. It is easy to track daily outcomes and see the actual payroll percentage or compare it to the forecast.

Let's talk

Effective communication is essential for staff to perform at their best. The same is true for your systems. If they can communicate with each other, they can perform better and save you more time.

Caspeco offers systems for Staff management, POS, Booking, and Analysis, and best of all, they seamlessly communicate with each other. The result is systems that help each other improve – just like your staff. With integrated systems you can see all booked guests directly in the schedule, identify the top-selling staff members, and determine the profit margin. There are many more advantages, but the point is that effective communication makes everything easier and ultimately more profitable.

The future of scheduling

It is difficult to predict what staff management systems will look like in five years, but a qualified guess is that they will continue to become smarter. Part of this development will likely involve the implementation of AI.

How can it look in practice? In the coming fall, we will launch smart schedules that use AI to assist with scheduling and reduce the time spent on it. In practice, this means that your staff management system will constantly become smarter, saving you time. The system will identify when your workforce is most profitable and suggest staffing accordingly. It's incredibly smart and highly time-saving.

The future of payroll management

The way we currently handle payroll management will undoubtedly change over time too, especially considering the evolving landscape of staffing and recruitment. As an employer, you will need to compete for staff against others, and it is important to offer smart solutions for your employees.

We are working hard to develop tools that will make it easier for our customers to be the most attractive employers, providing flexibility to employees. This could involve tools that make it easier to pay salaries according to the employees' preferences or offer shifts with predetermined wages that are visible to employees when the shift is created. We also provide tools to reach more employees through job advertisements.

Conclusions and checklist ✓


There are many factors to consider when choosing a staff management system. However, a good starting point is to select a system specifically designed for your business and industry.

Features and Tools

When it comes to features and tools, it's important that they assist you, both in terms of time savings and the ability to track results. There are many smart features available, but the question is whether they make you more efficient and profitable. The ability to track decisions and efforts, and assess if they benefit you, is crucial for running your business in a way that benefits you in the long run.

The Power of Communication 

Try to find systems and tools that work together. This not only facilitates daily operations by saving time but also provides a more comprehensive overview. Recognizing connections between different parts of your business can provide invaluable insights that you can then translate into increased efficiency or smarter sales strategies.

Future-proof Choices

Lastly, it may be a good idea to find a system provider that offers future-proof solutions. This is not only to save time and resources through intelligent solutions but perhaps more importantly, to retain excellent staff. Employees are the backbone of every business, and by offering new solutions, you strengthen your role as an employer. This is essential for maintaining satisfied and loyal staff.

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