With the recent decision to shut down Workplace, businesses are turning to a brighter alternative: Ziik

In modern workplaces, having the perfect platform enabling communication, collaboration, and productivity is a game-changer. Workplace by Meta had its perks, however, with the recent decision to shut down Workplace, businesses are turning to a brighter alternative: Ziik. 

5 reasons why Workplace customers are choosing Ziik as the alternative:

1. Seamless Simplicity: Many Workplace customers rely on multiple apps to solve all tasks. In Ziik, everything you need is organised in one vibrant hub, offering a diverse yet simple communication tool. No more apps overload – just one platform to meet the needs of your entire workforce!

2. Clarity, Not Chaos: Bid farewell to cluttered feeds and overwhelming noise. Ziik’s unique hierarchy means users only get targeted relevant content - both in the newsfeed and in other features. This means your staff get more 💩 done instead of seeing irrelevant information and updates.

3. The Best of Both Worlds: Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? With Ziik, you get the social buzz of Workplace combined with the robust features of a full-fledged intranet. From professional discussions to searchable manuals and FAQs. It's the perfect blend of fun and functionality.

4. All Aboard the Convenience Train: Whether you're chatting with colleagues, sharing files, or diving into company updates, everything you need is right here, right now. The user-interface in Ziik is as simple as Workplace, making it a smooth transition for all former Workplace users.

5. Cheers to Human Connection: In a world of automated responses and soulless chatbots, Ziik offers a real human connection. Our friendly REAL human support team is here to save the day with a smile and a can-do attitude. With a response time of less than 90 seconds we’re always ready to help!

How Ziik compares to Workplace

News Feed
Important Posts
Knowledge Library
Live Video
Video Chat
Auto Translate
Personal Support
Local Support Language

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out why R-Kioski decided to make the switch to get a more productive and engaged workforce. 

“When we realized at the time there was no development for Workplace to become both a social platform and an intranet where we could keep handbooks, we began to think about looking for a new solution”
Maria Sjöroos

Maria Sjöroos

CIO & CDO, CPO, R-kioski

Concerned about replacing Workplace (or similar platform) with Ziik? Don’t be! We will assist you with the entire migration process and get you set up exactly as you are used to - FREE OF CHARGE! Read more about Ziik - The Workplace by Meta Alternative here.

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